San Remo

San Remo Information

San Remo is the capital town of the Italian Riviera of Flowers. Its climate has been widely appreciated since the 1800′s but its artistic heritage is still largely unknown. Its views are extremely suggestive and its architecture and landscape make of this strip of land expanding up to the French boundary a real pearl of Italy.

San Remo lies in a wide inlet between Capo Nero and Capo Verde. It is a place where ends meet. Its old town is called La Pigna and is characterised by perched houses, steep streets, covered alleys, and little squares – just a glimpse of the Medieval times.

The modern town turned a village of fishermen into an elegant, world-wide, famous seaside resort. Nowadays San Remo welcomes tourists and visitors all year round and entertains them with shows and numerous amusements. San Remo is famous for its Casino which was built in 1905 and is the undisputed realm of green cloth, roulette and slot machines lovers.



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