The Airport Transfer Company Nice, Frequestly Asked Questions.


Before you book

What information do I need in order to book?

During the booking process you will be asked for your name and contact details while traveling, all your flight details and finally your accommodation name and address in resort.

How do I pay for my transfer?

You can pay via credit card using our online booking system which utilises PayPal for payments, you do not require a PayPal account and we take most major credit cards.

Can I book a transfer with more than one stop?

You can book a private transfer to stop at two different points within 500m of each other at no extra charge, we can organise multiple stops that are further apart but a surcharge of 10€ per kilometre is payable before arrival. Please indicate in booking notes the extra stop required.

PLEASE do not wait to arrive and ask your driver as this may not be possible due to exisiting transfer schedules.

What luggage entitlement will I have?

We expect each person to have 1 x hand luggage and 1 x hold luggage each, any sports equipment or extra bags should be indicated when you book.

I have a child who requires a special seat for travel – can you arrange this?

Yes, simply enter the amount of baby seats and the amount of child booster seats you require when you create your booking and we will make sure that the relevant seat is there on the transfer.


Before you travel

Where will I meet the driver when I arrive?

Your driver will be stood in the main arrivals hall holding a board with your name on.

What happens if I can’t locate my driver?

All airports are busy and our drivers try to stand in a prominent position so you will see them but in the event you can not see them, please have one more check around at the name boards being held by drivers, then if you still can not find them STAND BY THE INFORMATION DESK and call us on +44 1555 705 055 and we will direct the driver to you.

How long will the transfer take?

The drive time to your destination can vary with road conditions, weather and traffic during busy holiday times but it should take the time indicated when booking.

Pickup times for returns can often be set very early as, especially between 07H30 – 09H00 and 16H00 – 19H00, traffic is very very busy and we do not want you stressed about missing your flight while stuck in traffic.


During Your Trip

What happens if my flight is delayed?

We ask you to keep us informed of any flight delays while you are travelling, either by telephone or email, this will help us to change your transfer accordingly.

What happens if my flight is cancelled?

We ask you to keep us informed of any flight changes, delays or cancellations while you are travelling by telephone please, this will help us to change your transfer accordingly.

How do I know what time I am being collected for my return?

Your estimated collection time is indicated on your booking confirmation email, this might change slightly due to weather or traffic conditions, on the eve of your departure we send an sms to your contact telephone number supplied on your booking, confirming the exact collection time. If you do not receive an sms by 17H00 the day before departure please call our office to confirm the time +44 1555 705 055.

What happens if the airline lose my luggage?

Clients are asked to keep The Airport Transfer Company Nice informed of any incidence of lost luggage as this may delay you leaving the airport and require us to rearrange schedules to allow your driver to wait for you.

How long before my flight will I be picked up?

Pickup time vary depending upon your resort, in general, we aim to get customers to the airport in comfortable time before their flight (two hours before) pickup times maybe adjusted due to traffic volume during the day or season.


General Questions

Do you offer shared transfers?

Sorry no, we only offer private transfers, in our experience shared transfers only create upset customers due to long waits at the airport waiting for other clients on shared services, and early pickup times from resort to cover a number of flights.

Are there any extra charges on top of the published prices?

No, there are no extra charges on top of our published prices. The price quoted is the total price that you pay. Tips are not included as this at the discretion of the client.

Do you offer any discount for young children/babies?

I am sorry but each person in the vehicle takes up one seat by LAW in France, so unfortunately we do not offer customers any discount for younger customers. We will however supply child/baby seats when requested at no added charge to the customer.

Different members of my group are arriving on different flights – how should I make my booking?

The answer to this question depends upon whether you all want to: (1) wait for each other and all travel together, or: (2) each member of the group prefers to leave as soon as possible after their flight arrives.

(1) Since you all wish to travel together, please enter the flight details of the LAST flight to arrive as your primary flight. Then please enter all details of other flights into the ‘any other information’ box on the booking form.

(2) Since you wish to leave as soon as possible, please make a new booking for each group that wishes to leave separately (again using the LAST flight to arrive as the primary flight). N.B. If you have different people arriving AND departing on different flights (and require separate arrival AND departure pickup times), then you will need to make separate bookings for each set of people. If this all gets a bit too complicated, feel free to contact us and we will help you to make the booking.

How much notice do I need to give in order to book online?

The deadline for booking transfers online is 48 hours before your transfer, after this time please contact us by email to book.